Saturday, August 02, 2003

$1 trillion! That's how much money the Pentagon cannot account for, according to Chuck Spinney, the cost watchdog for the Pentagon. Underestimating cost leaves less money for better weaponry, better security systems and improving national security, Spinney says. But no one is listening. Defense cost continue to spiral upward and with the new $400 billion defense budget, which excludes the almost $40 billion allotted for Homeland Security, and all the Congress does is blather on about excessive expenses while the president (yea, the president) pushes for expenditures on "legacy systems," weapons that are designed to deal with national powers, not terrorists like Osama bin Laden (remember him?)!

Nonetheless, the waterfall of money continues to pour into the defense budget and the military leaders that are supposed to represent the will of the people - The Constitution - blithely ignore reality and go on dumping truckloads of cash into weapons systems that are obsolete, given the current geopolitical environment.

Ah well. It's your money. Hope you're happy.


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