Sunday, March 23, 2003

Down this road ... Well, it had to happen, didn't it? Now we're losing lives in Iraq and the reporters are already asking "Can Americans stomach the sight of dead U.S. soldiers and maintain their commitment to the war?" It really pisses me off when we, as a nation, underwrite violent action against some regime somewhere in the world only to quickly reverse ourselves soon as the situation appears to be getting bloody on our side. It's unfortunate that we're engaged with a people who have as much respect for human life as a gnat on the balls of an elephant - in other words, none at all!
So don't be surprised or act too saddened by video of murdered Americans - disgusting; yes, horrific; yes, but shocking? I think not. What did you think would happen once the missles started flying? Huh?
And while it's nice that some Iraqis are welcoming our troops it's much more likely that those guys up ahead waving white flags and chanting "Bush in '06" are hiding AK-47s underneath their coats and only want one shot at killing ANY AMERICAN before they get their own just reward in the afterlife (or would it be afterlives ... hmmmm).
Kudos to CNN for its usual yeoman's job of providing 24-7 feeds from Iraq, including sound and fury and crawls across the bottom of the screen for the hearing impaired, or just those of us who listen to PBS while eating our Cheerios and reading the morning newspaper with the TV as our companion du jour.
Life, as I know it, is truly a carnival of grotesque creatures rambling through the bleachers of my mind and eating the brains of 2-year-olds as parents laugh at the clowns in the lion cage who're pretending they're not scared witless and wishing they were anywhere but there.
Oh well. What do I know? My heartburn has me frowning and groaning and I'm bored senseless with this dreary Sunday malaise I've been wallowing in for three hours now. So fuggit!
Hope you're having a good life, and I pray that we get this damn war straightened out promptly as possible and with as little butchery as is possible. Cheers!

Rash rants ringing in your ear?


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