Monday, June 13, 2005


Yea, that's what I said. Tom DeLay is no better than those CEOs who ripped off American investors who chased the long distance/Internet/television broadcasting/media dream back in the mid-'90s through 2001. You know, that debacle known as the WorldCom fiasco, when those good ole boys from Mississippi (Evers and Co.) pocketed billions of dollars at the expense of Wall Street investors - many of whom were middle-class folk who lost their retirement fund. Well, Tom DeLay makes those guys look like amateurs when it comes to hustling and shucking the suckers! DeLay, in the name of the moral GOP Christians, has bilked American taxpayers and constituents alike, and in shameless, balls-to-the-wall, unapologetic fashion.

DeLay, apparently, feels that he's not only above the law, but that he is God's man on earth - at least far as politics and those pesky rules of Congress go. For DeLay, the end justifies the means so long as the end equals him on top. He can slick the change from the collection plate and leave the congregation feeling as if they got true religion!

And I find the double standard the GOP is want to apply to itself despicable. DeLay is the poster boy for the Republican Party, but he's also a con man par excellance, able to squeeze big checks from elitists and industrial magnates, seemingly at will Therefore, since cash is the true currency of GOP leadership, he's top dog on The Hill.

I find it difficult to understand how the blowhard cheerleaders of the GOP (see Limbaugh, Rush et al) are able to forgive, nay, applaud DeLay's behavior (blatant thievery and lying being the core of his skillset) while condeming, in the same breath, the behavior of (insert liberal Democrat's name here) who may have admitted to fondling a neighbor's wife in 1963 while on summer vacation from college!

Are right-wingers simply blind to any shortcomings their party may reveal? Are the good folks who live in those red states brain dead or retarded? Or are they just scurrilous and immoral (perhaps)? I don't claim to be an expert but it seems to me that when DeLay is proven to have broken the law, as in when he ILLEGALLY funneled federal campaign funds to a front group dedicated to rigging the Texas electoral boundaries so that the GOP gains control of the state by hook AND crook, why is it that Limbaugh and his clones rush to his defense? I thought that the GOP was trying to present a moral purity of spirit and level-headed, clear-eyed vision of government FOR THE PEOPLE as opposed to the Democrat's slimy, immoral government for the LITTLE PEOPLE (hell, they don't count). And yet, the moral fiber demonstrated by DeLay is miles short of describing the phrase "Good Christian." if by Christian one means honest, upright and true.

Oh well, I guess power is power, no matter who's in the pulpit, and I should not be surprised when power corrupts the wielder, eh? Happy Fourth of July, cretins.


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