Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Damn those fish! It wasn't 20 minutes ago I was celebrating the Cubbies lead over the Marlins and now I'm cursing Wood, the Cub's pitcher, for giving up four runs and letting the Marlins take a 7-5 lead. Aaaarrrgh! And the Marlins score again. Rats! Now it's 9-5 thanks to Alex Delgado's broken-bat line drive

Ah, baseball. It's killing me! Just when you think the Cub's curse has been lifted they fall into that black hole they're famous for again.

It's looking like the World Series is going to be the Marlins against the cursed Yankees (damn Yankees). What a shame for Cubs fans, too. They looked so good going into this series. Hot pitching, scorching hitting stats and great defensive play. And now the wheels fall off.

C'est la vie.

Enough of the petty nonsense. Baseball, after all, is purely entertainment for big kids who don't want to grow up and get paid HUGE salaries to stay in their adolescence phase.

Work is a bitch! We've had rivers of copy to cram into tight spaces and the policy at this newspaper is ALL local copy runs, no matter what - well, almost - and that includes photos. So it makes it challenging to puzzle out how to slam 170 inches of copy and 40 inches of photos into 140 inches of 'news holes.'

Ugh! I'm feeling physically sick. The ump just called a strike on Troy O'Leary, saying he went around when he clearly didn't. Probably doesn't matter though. The way the Marlins are hitting it's almost a foregone conclusion that they're going to wrap up this ball game tonight, tying the series and putting all the pressure on Chicago. Oh, how cruel the gods of baseball can be!

And what about that moon? Wow! Home run by O'Leary! Maybe there's hope yet ... nah.

It's still a 3-run ball game and it's the bottom of the seventh and the Cub's pitchers seem to be losing their edge. Score, 9-6, Marlins. RATS~!

There are so many interesting looking movies coming out "The Missing," "Kill Bill, Part One," "The Master and the Something or other" a film that stars Russel Crowe in a Horatio Hornblower-like role. And then there's "The Matrix: Part Three" coming up in December (man, time is flying even as I sit here. Seems like yesterday that summer had just arrived.), along with a list too long to remember. But the season opener of "24," one of my favorite TV shows is scheduled next week, I think, and it looks like it will be another edgy, thrill-a-minute season if the trailers are suggestive of the consistent action.

Why am I rambling like this? Well, I'm at work and shouldn't be using this computer to blog at all, but I've done all my pages (I'm in the Slot tonight) so I'm really just killing time.

I wish Bush would give us little guys a meaningfull tax break - I mean something like no FDIC or Social Security taxes for five years. Sure would help.

But I'd better move along. I'm getting a strange, creepy feeling, like maybe my boss is wondering where the hell I've disappeared to (I'm in a cubicle that hides me from view ...) so I'd better pop up and make like I'm focused and interested in what's going on (yawn*). That's it for now. Adios mis amigos y amigas. Have a great week.


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