Friday, October 10, 2003

A real frog-strangler ... We got rain! We really did! Wow! Rain! It's true! Well, why, you may wonder, is this guy so psyched about a little rain. Well, you have to understand, I'm in the drought-cursed Panhandle region of Texas (actually the South Plains) and rain is a major event around these parts. So what the hell, might as well make the most of it.

It's Friday night and the Marlins and Cubbies are going at one another with a vengeance - although the Cubs have a 1-run lead - oops, the Cubs just won on a bizarre note. The idiot base runner for the Marlins got stuck between second base and third and was tagged out to end the game. Cubs win in 11 innings, 5-4. Go Cubbies!

Alright! I know most of the sports team at the newspaper are feeling hellish heartburn right now since they're all Marlin fans - heheheheh.

So I've got to run. I told D I'd go to the store and pick up a few items and the store closes in about 20 minutes.

So don't sleep in gullies, wear a helmet when you speed on motorcycles, and remember, promiscuity requires SAFE SEX, OK?

Hope you all have a great weekend. I know I won't. I'll be at the damn newspaper tomorrow, slogging through sloppy copy and cockeyed cutlines and praying I don't miss an obvious error (copy editor's nightmare!).

Oh yea, before I forget, for all you Ditto-heads out there – yes, I mean you Rush Limbaugh fans – stick the latest news in your pipe and choke on it, OK. How is it that the impeccable, perfect Rushbo fell so low? Druggie! Ouch, eh? No wonder he lost so much weight! But seriously, what a hypocrite and liar that bucket-mouth bigot is, and now it's undeniable, although his clones (a la Hannity and his ilk) will sing his praises and applaud his "courage," as they're supposed to do (it's all scripted, ya know) they simply cannot sweep the past few years of Rush-crap from being exposed as just that, crap!

Why did el Rushbo, with knowledge "on loan from god," resort to illegally buying Oxycontin (about 100 times stronger than heroin) if he actually had a chronic pain condition? Why didn't his doctor simply prescribe the 30 or so pills per day he reportedly took to ease his agony? Well, I submit that the Rushmeister, yea, Rushorama is a plain-vanilla junkie! He went the dark route because his ego wouldn't allow him to stay in the light (you know, that famous light of truth he's always crowing about) and get in line at the pharmacy like the rest of the great unwashed. No! Rush had to resort to paying millions for thousands of pills to keep his personal demons at bay. Well, his just desserts have finally come 'round, I'd say.

Not to be completely heartless, I hope he's honest about his desire to get the gorillia off his back, though I must admit, I suspect it's another farce for public consumption, not to mention the obvious fact that, so long as he's in treatment he cannot be arrested, a very real prospect since the Florida DA has admitted that law enforcement has him under investigation.

Ah well. Life goes on.

Adios for now. :)


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