Thursday, March 13, 2003

Glad Elizabeth's home! Wondrous news that young Elizabeth Smart was discovered alive and, one hopes, well yesterday in Utah. Glad that the nitwit crazies that took her from her family are in custody and will, if justice serves, be jailed for the rest of their natural lives.
What kind of people are these two lunatics? What kind of people want to take a child from her (or his) family and then use the child to satisfy some inner urge that compels their psyche to imagine that they've what - saved the child from normalcy; captured the perfect human 'butterfly;' or are serving god (God if you prefer) in some twisted, weird way?
The world is filled with dangerous folks who have no self-awareness, no conscience, no moral compass and no compunction about hurting others. I've met many in my short life, but these two are a breed apart. Child-nappers are certainly a phenomenon that remains largely unexplained. The barren woman who craves a baby is understandable, but the man who thinks he's 'Christ' and the woman who believes in his delusion - what's that about? And how do we, as a society, figure out what to do with these freaks? Something must be done because, I think, many of the children who disappear each year are probably taken by this kind of person - using the term 'people' loosely. Yes, many are taken by pedophiles and killed to cover that sick individual's tracks, but I wonder how many are taken for purposes of slavery or some other misguided, warped compulsion. I thank the benevolent creator of life that Elizabeth was found safe - though what kind of psychological damage may have been done to her person we'll probably never know. Good wishes Elizabeth. Safe life to you!


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