Sunday, March 09, 2003

9 March 2003/SundayI'm trying to figure out how to get this damned thing to work. I keep hitting a wall - so to speak - in that I can't add text to my Blog. But I just clicked on the "Post" tab at the top of the page and now I'm typing this so maybe this will work - though I doubt it somehow.
Anyway, it's great that provides server space for free (albeit with ads) so I guess I shouldn't bitch. But it is frustrating to get an idea and try to post it only to have the damned site block further entries. I keep getting that "bong" sound when I hit the letter key - you know, the one that sounds like a submarine sonic return.
My friend Mike in San Antonio told me about this guy who's running for president - an ex-governor from Vermont named Dean - and today I listened to him answer questions on "Meet the Press." He definitely is an impressive fellow and quite possibly exactly what the Democrats need to overturn Bush '43's apple cart. So far, he's the best candidate I've seen and heard. He makes sense and he hasn't any qualms about arguing that Bush's premise that Iraq is tied to al-Qaida. He's not convinced and neither am I (and neither is most of the rest of the world). So I applaud his moxie, if nothing else.
So, I'm off to see D, my love, and hopefully spend a few pleasant moments with her before this day's curtain falls.


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